The Dominican Republic is situated on the eastern part of the second-largest island in the Greater Antilles, Hispaniola. It shares the island roughly with Haiti. It is the second largest country in the Antilles, after Cuba. 

The country's capital and greatest metropolitan area, Santo Domingo, is located on the southern coast. The two largest islands near shore are Saona and Mouchoir Bank. 

The climate of the Dominican Republic is mostly tropical. The annual average temperature is 25 °C (77 °F) January and February are the coolest months of the year, while August is the hottest month.

Money: The local currency is the Dominican Pesos RD$. Euros and Dollars are widely accepted.

Electricity:  110 volts (standard American)

Driving directions from Las Americas international airport Santo Domingo:

Turn left from the airport in the direction of Santo Domingo Ciudad (City).

After about ¼  mile (400m) take a right exit towards “SAMANA TOLL ROAD”. (Look for a green and white sign just after the first toll booth (after 55 yards/50 mts.)). Continue this road (right aside the main freeway) for about 1 mile, until you see the Samana toll road entrance on your right.

Enter the toll road to Samana and continue this road for about 1 hour  (70 miles/110 km.). In total will cross 3 toll booth. Total cost RD$ 350 / US$ 10 about.

Turn right at the end of the toll road in the direction of Samana.

Continue on the Samana road for about 5 Km until the 4th toll booth(US$ 12).

Right after the 4th toll booth turn left direction Airport El Catey and Las Terrenas

Just a little after turning, the road splits in two (Y). Keep the right – direction Las Terrenas (do not enter in the airport)

Continue on the road for about 15 Km and you arrive to Las Terrenas.

Arriving in Las Terrenas, at the first crossing, turn left on the Las terrenas main road.

Continue on the main road. Keep to the right where the main road changes into a one way street. Keep the right again crossing the bridge, passing through the main street of the village until you arrive at the cemetary  in front of the ocean, where the road starts to follow the coast line.

Turn left (keeping the sea on your right hand side) in front of the cemetary wall.

Turn to the right after the curve where the police station is located and after a small bridge.  

Continue on, keeping the sea on your right hand side, pass all the restaurants. At the end of this road make left on the small bridge and keep driving on this road untill the gate. Drive all the way up the hill. Casa esférica is the house before last.

From the International Airport of Las Americas, Santo Domingo:

Taxi : 2 hours : 200$ USD

By plane regular flights: 30 minutes: US$ 180.00 per person

From the Isabella Airport, Santo Domingo: Two regular flights daily/ 45 minutes flight: departing 10 AM, 3 PM. Fares :100$ US per person.

From the International Airport, Puerto Plata:

Taxi : 180$ US/ 3 hours overland

From the International Airport, Punta Cana:

  • Taxi : 4 hours: 360$ US 
  • By plane , regular line: Punta Cana (PUJ) to El Portillo (EPS) = daily at 03:00 pm for U$ 159.00

From el portillo you can take a taxi to get to the house

To travel back and forth between the hotel and the village of Las Terrenas and to explore the peninsula of Samana, and get around on your own, we suggest you rent a car in Las Terrenas, (or a motorcycle or quad).